Do you Meet a Medical Listing?

If you are earning less than $1070 gross income per month (Step 1), and Social Security finds your condition(s) to be severe (Step 2), you will be found disabled if your condition meets or equals the requirements of a listing (Step 3).  A listing is a set of very specific diagnostic criteria set forth by the Social Security for different medical conditions.


To view the criteria to meet a medical listing go to:


If Social Security finds you meet a medical listing, you win at Step 3 and you will not have to answer the questions of whether you can perofrm your past work or other work.


If we think you might meet a medical listing, we will draft a specialized questionnaire based of the listing requirements and send it to your doctor.  Your treating provider's opinion on whether you meet a listing will serve as a very important piece of evidence in your case.


If your condition does not meet a listing, you can still be found dsiabled.  Social Security will move on to Step 4, whether you can perform your past relevant work. 

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