Supplemental Security Income ("SSI")

Supplemental Security Income is, at its core, is a welfare program for the disabled.  In order to qualify for SSI it is not necessary for you to have worked or paid taxes into Social Security. An individual must have less thand $2,000 in resources.  A married couple must have less thand $3,000 in resources.  SSI comes with a fixed monthly beneift amount, pluse health insurance.  In 2014 that monthly amount is $721.00 per month. 


There are many specific rules about what counts as resources for the purpose of determining whether a person is eligible for SSI. 


Money in retirement and savings account, second vehicles, and a spouse's income are just some of the things that count toward your resource limit.  For example, if a single individual has a retirement account they could access valued at $4,000, that person would not be eligible for SSI because the retirement account would put the indivdiual over the $2,000 resource limit. 


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