Disability Insurance Benefits ("DIB")

In order to be elibible for DIB benefits you must have paid enough taxes into Social Security.  The key word for this program is "insurance."  To qualify for ths insurance program, generally you must have worked a minimum of five years within a ten-year-period.  During these 5 years, you must have been paying taxes into Social Security.  Each time taxes are paid into Social Security you are making payments toward your disability insurance.


You must also prove you are disabled within a specific time frame after you stop working.  Each person has a specific date by which they have to prove they are disabled to qualify for DIB.  This specific date is calculated based on when you paid taxes into Social Security and how much you paid.  This date is called your "date last insured."  Even if a judge finds you disabled, you will not get this benefit unless the judge believes your disability begain before your date last insured.


If you think you have paid into the Social Security system long enough to qualify for this benefit, call us to discuss the specific timeframes for which you personally are required to prove your disability. 




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